Hauā Reo, Hauā Tangata is the vision and strategy for Ngāti Hauā Te Reo revitalisation.

There are multiple layers of meaning which sit behind Hauā Reo, Hauā Tangata:

  • Ko te reo, kia Hauā – maintaining a strong focus on promoting and raising awareness of Te Reo that is distinctively Ngāti Hauā, and in a Ngāti Hauā way in context.

  • Ko te tangata, kia Hauā – maintaining the perseverance, tenacity, and fighting spirit of our tupuna Hauā in our pursuit to revitalise Te Reo o Ngāti Hauā.

  • Ko Hauā reo, ko Hauā tangata tonu – the language is the people.  Fostering a culture where the language and its people are one, where each is recognised as a representation of the other and where value for Te Reo growth and preservation sits at the heart of every uri of Ngāti Hauā.

  • Inā hauā te reo, ka hauā hoki te tangata – a language thwarted is a people crippled.  Reinforcing the interdependence between a language and its people; without one the identity and uniqueness of the other will not survive.

It is hoped that Hauā Reo, Hauā Tangata will be adopted as the face of our local fight to revitalise Te Reo as it is applied within and by the people of Ngāti Hauā.

It was agreed by Te Ohu Reo o Ngāti Hauā that the timeframe for the Hauā Reo, Hauā Tangata Te Reo strategy should not be confined to the typical 3-5yr term, but instead remain open with a review to be conducted every 3-5 years, and an annual update provided to tribal members through the Trust’s annual report process.

What’s on this page:

Whāinga Matua (Mission)

By 2040, Te Reo Māori along with its Ngāti Hauā distinctions will be a principal language of communication for at least 75% of Ngāti Hauā uri.

2016 (current)





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Hauā Reo Hauā tangata language strategy

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Ohu Reo o Ngāti Hauā


19th-21st April

He Kura Hāpai Kāheru – Rangatahi mā nau mai haere mai. He wānanga tikanga, reo, mau rākau! To register visit: ngatihauaiwitrust.co.nz/he-kura-hapai-kaheru-2021

You can also find out whats happening on our Haua Reo Haua Tangata Facebook page HERE

Recent Events

He Kura Hāpai Kāheru

April 1st, 2021|

Rangatahi mā nau mai haere mai. He wānanga tikanga, reo, mau rākau!

Te Tumuakitanga

November 16th, 2019|

Te Tumuakitanga - Te Huinga Taniwha, 16 November 2019

Te Kura Reo ā-Iwi o Ngāti Hauā

August 18th, 2019|

As part of the language revitalisation strategy Hauā Reo Hauā Tangata, Ngāti Hauā is holding a Kura Reo over a period of four days from Sunday 29th September to Wednesday 2nd of October 2019.

Waiata with Hauā

June 21st, 2019|

Waiata with Hauā every two months

Te Pae Haumako

June 19th, 2019|

He wānanga rangatahi a Te Pae Haumako e aro katoa ana ki te reo Māori, ko te reo Māori te kaikawe i tēnei wānanga, ko te huarahi whakakōrero i te rangatahi ko Ngā Toi Māori. 10th – 13th Hōngongoi

Hāpaitia Te Reo

April 12th, 2019|

Support parents to kōrero Māori with their tamariki - assist whānau in creating language plans and strategies - create families and communities of Te Reo Māori speakers - provide an opportunity for participants to hear directly from Māori language champions


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