Deed Documents

On 27 May 2013 Ngati Haua initialled a Deed of Settlement with the Crown to settle the Ngati Haua non-raupatu historical Treaty claims against the Crown. In order to meet the requirements for settlement prescribed by the Crown, a post-settlement governance entity was established to sign the Deed of Settlement and to receive and administer the settlement assets received as part of the Ngati Haua Treaty settlement. This entity is the Ngati Haua Iwi Trust. A Deed of Trust was signed by the Initial Trustees to record the terms on which Ngati Haua Iwi Trust was established as the post-settlement governance entity to receive the settlement assets for Ngati Haua.

In July 2016, a series of amendments to the Deed of Trust were approved by way of special resolutions passed through a voting process and a Special General Meeting held on 3 July 2016.

Ngati Haua Iwi Trust Deed

Ngati Haua Deed of Settlement Attachments

Ngati Haua Deed of Settlement Documents

Ngati Haua Deed of Settlement – General Matters

Ngati Haua Claims Settlement Act 2014

Environmental Management Plan

Te Rautaki Tāmata Ao Turoa o Hauā

Hauā Reo Hauā Tangata Strategy

E hoki ana ki te toonuitanga 2040

E hoki ana ki te toonuitanga 2040