Trustee Elections – Rukumoana Marae, Te Iti o Haua Marae, Waimakariri Marae

Ngāti Hauā Iwi Trust is seeking Trustee nominations for one (1) representative from Rukumoana Marae, one (1) representative from Waimakariri Marae and one representative from Te Iti o Hauā Marae.

The Trustees shall be elected to office in accordance with the rules and procedures set out in the Ngāti Hauā Iwi Trust Deed. Both marae, acting through the Adult Members of Ngāti Hauā listed in the Ngāti Hauā Register as registered with that Marae shall be entitled to elect one (1) Trustee.

The Trustees will be appointed by Hui-ā-Marae to be held as follows:

Rukumoana Marae Sunday 17th September 2017, 1pm Rukumoana Marae, Kiwitahi Road, Morrinsville
Te Iti o Hauā Marae Sunday 10th September 2017, 2pm Te Iti o Haua Marae, 780 Tauwhare Rd, Tauwhare
Waimakariri Marae Monday 11th September 2017, 5pm Waimakariri Marae, 819 Victoria Rd, Cambridge


Any person seeking nomination must:

  • Be registered with the Marae for which the election is being held, at least seven (7) days prior to the Hui-ā-Marae
  • Not have ceased to hold office in the last three (3) years for any of the reasons set out in sub-rules (a) to (e) of Rule 7 of the Second Schedule of the Deed of Trust
  • Not be a person to which any of sub-rules (f) to (i) of rule 7 of this Schedule apply.


If you are a qualified person but not currently registered on the Ngāti Hauā Register, with the

Marae for which the elections are being held contact the Office Administrator to request a Registration Form by phoning 07 8895049 or via email to or register online via our website

For any general enquiries regarding the Trustee Election Process, please contact our office on (07) 889 5049 or:

Te Iti o Haua Marae Chairperson Lance Rapana – 027 413 8706

Waimakariri Marae Chairperson Charlie Raupita – 027 228 5860

Rukumoana Marae Secretary Ariana Adams –