Wiremu Tamihana – one of 10 Greatest NZers

Wiremu Tamihana – One of Ten Greatest New Zealanders according to NZ Herald

13 November 2013 marked the 150th birthday of the New Zealand Herald. As a part of the 150th celebrations, the Herald asked its editors to retrospectively select NZer’s of the year for every year since the paper was founded in 1863. A shortlist of 25 was determined and then a final top ten greatest NZer’s.

Whether you read this publication or not, it is noteworthy that Wiremu Tamihana was named as one of the top ten based on his vision for Maori and Pakeha partnership, Maori self-determination and overall peace amongst the two peoples.

More information can be found at http://www.nzherald.co.nz/tengreatest/

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Final Reading of Ngati Haua Settlement Bill

Ngati Haua Claims Settlement Bill Third Reading

The third and final reading of the Ngati Haua Claims Settlement Bill took place on 10 December 2014 at Parliament Buildings. The final reading of the Ngati Koroki-Kahukura Claims Settlement Bill was also held on the same day making for an extremely historical day for both iwi.

This significant milestone marks the formal end of the settlement negotiations process and allows for the balance of the cash and assets to be transferred to Ngati Haua.

Detailed information in relation to the legislation can be found at http://bit.ly/15UCfRz


A large Ngati Haua delegation including the Tumuaki travelled to Wellington to attend this significant event. Each Ngati Haua marae was given the opportunity to select people from their respective marae to travel. Priority was given to kaumatua and those that had been involved with and instrumental in the claims and settlement negotiations process. A number of whanau based in Wellington also attended this special occasion.


Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Hon Christopher Finlayson told Parliament the settlement had been a long time coming. “The Crown recognises the long and the heavy burden this iwi has shouldered in pursuing justice for the wrongs of the Crown,” he said. “It is my hope that the settlement heralds the beginning of a new relationship between the Crown and Ngati Haua based on the principles of the Treaty.”


Students from Te Wharekura to Te Rau Aroha entertain during the lunch break, along with Principal and Co-Chair of Ngati Haua Iwi Trust Mokoro Gillett.

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15 January 2014

Te Kahui Kaumatua o Haua

In accordance with Clause 6.1 of the Deed of Trust of Ngati Haua Iwi Trust, the Trustees have established a council of elders of Ngati Haua known as Te Kahui Kaumatua o Haua, to which each marae has appointed one koroua and one kuia.

Te Kahui Kaumatua o Haua is responsible for:

  • Protecting the mauri of Ngati Haua
  • Facilitating any disputes that may arise in connection with the Trust or any part of the Ngati Haua Group regarding the tikanga, reo, kawa and korero of Ngati Haua
  • Advising the Trustees on matters involving Ngati Haua tikanga, reo, kawa and korero

The inaugural hui of Te Kahui Kaumatua o Haua was held on 15 January 2014 at Kai a te Mata Marae.


Te Kahui Kaumatua o Haua meets quarterly and its current membership is as follows:

Te Iti o Haua Marae                                       

Rewi Rapana

Ngaromo Beazley

Kai a te Mata Marae                                      

Rangitaea Matauwhati

Herenga Wirihana

Waimakariri Marae

Andy Raupita

Marie Raupita

Rukumoana Marae

Ngapine Karena

Paearahi Heta

Raungaiti Marae

Roddy Gillett

Margaret Tamehana

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